Habladores para Buffet de desayuno

Habladores para Buffet de desayuno

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Brand: New Star Foodservice


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Ideal for restaurants
  • Catering events, hotels, and country clubs
  • Each label measures approximately 2 x 2 inches

Publisher: New Star Foodservice Inc.

Details: To label your beverage servers with ease and style try our new line of simple and sleek stainless steel tent signs. Each sign can be purchased separately or as a complete set including "Coffee", "Decaf", "Hot Tea", "Iced Tea", "Hot Water", "Milk", "Cream", and our favorite blank table tent for you to customize. No more messy labels and no more paper waste. Easy to clean and reuse. Perfect for buffets and continental breakfasts.

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